Hotel Des Vosges Strasbourg

| 3 , place de la Gare, Strasbūra, Francija

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The Hotel Des Vosges Strasbourg provides guest accommodations in Strasbourg, France. Nearby attractions include local brasseries, restaurants, and shops where guests can buy souvenirs. La Petite France, the historic district, is a short trip away. The European Institutions, such as the Parliament building, are also close. Many attractions are within walking distance. The Hotel Des Vosges Strasbourg is also close to the train station, so guests have access to alternate transportation. Staff members can help visitors with directions or transportation arrangements. Each of the rooms at the Hotel Des Vosges Strasbourg is equipped with modern amenities for guest comfort. All suites have a private bathroom and television. Non-smoking rooms are available. This is a family-owned venue; the building has been in the Heili family’s name for four generations. The Hotel Des Vosges Strasbourg facilities are modern. Breakfast is served every morning, either in the breakfast room or in guests’ suites. Check-in is open all day and night. Internet access is free of charge.

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